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Five Poker Series to Play If You’re Still on Lockdown

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Whether you’ve been furloughed, are taking a break from work or have an unexpected opportunity to turn your poker https://at-online-casino.net/ series hobby into something a little more profitable, there’s possibly never been a time where there have been more poker tournaments taking place online. Whilst this is obviously bad news in the sense that these tournaments have replaced live events that would have got every poker player excited, playing in some of these online events can be just as exciting if you’re still in some form of enforced lockdown.

You may have to play it safe in the outside world, but you can let your poker instincts out online. We’ve dug out some top events in which to test your mettle.

The official World Series of Poker website has a bracelet event going on every day throughout July. They have already given out bracelets to big players. Tony Dunst and first-time online player, Ron McMillen are among winners. Why not join them when the lowest entry fee at a bracelet event is just $50? 

While PokerStars have been fairly quiet since lockdown, they’ve certainly kept everyone entertained. With their amusingly re-commentated European Poker Tour events featuring Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan capturing the imagination of everyone on social media, and the #EPTRetro hashtag flying around the world where poker players cannot.